We Commented A Little Too Much On Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz Twitter… He Blocked Us… I’d Like To Apologize.. But Also… @barstoolbigcat

While watching Barstool Sports stream tonight during Monday Night Football – I was trying to think of blogs to do. We’ve done blogs regarding Barstool Sports recently that have done well, so I figured why not just continue that? Pro Sports Extra being a small website compared to Barstool is attempting to get to the next level. I decided that I’d blog about Dan Katz. A key factor at Barstool. But try to do a clickbait and funny blog. (Click here to read it)

We tend to post our articles in the comments of different Barstool employees to see if they’ll enjoy it.

Seeing Dan Katz is one of the most talked about and influential people in sports – we’ve recently shared our blogs in his comments. Maybe a little too much though.

Out of the last year we’ve had RT’s from many key people at Barstool. We’ve had Erika Nardini, Dave Portnoy, and multiple content creators share our content this last year. It’s much appreciated. It shows that these big creators are willing to help others get to the next level.

Although Dan clearly read the post in the first comment during the livestream, he had to of. He was scrolling through his phone right after our comment was getting a bunch of likes. The next comment of the article in his post might have been too much. I agree. I’m sorry.

Although clearly Stoolies got a laugh from the blog – I’d like to apologize to Dan. He is one crabby guy during this Monday Night Football Game and I shouldn’t have done anything to make him more upset.


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