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Watch: YouTuber Mr.Beast Buys Everything Inside of Store, Spends Over $70,000! Follows up by donating it | @MrBeastYT

If you haven’t heard of the YouTuber Mr.Beast you’ll never forget about him now, he just went out and bought every single item inside of a grocery store!

NOT ONE of every item…. EVERY ITEM.

Now the question…. How much did he spend?

Well over $70,000. He even paid for people’s food once they came into the store. 

Why did he buy everything?

Well…. to donate it. Which is something that Mr.Beast does on a regular basis, and is why so many people follow him. He constantly gives back. 

Another reason he bought everything was to obviously break the Internet.

The video already has over 9,000,000 views within the past 12 hours. This comes only three days after Mr.Beast posted a YouTube challenge with random people sitting in his World’s Largest Cereal Bowl. People were wondering… How do you top that? The largest bowl of cereal??

Well he found a way….

Here it is… Mr.Beast buying everything in the store:

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