WATCH: Uh-Oh Ronnie 2k forgets he was live and called DeMarcus Cousins ‘a dick’ | @Ronnie2k

Ronnie 2K everyone least favorite internet personality and the ambassador of NBA 2k for whatever reason kind of got controversial last night when he forget he was on live and called DeMarcus Cousins ‘a dick.’ Watch the clip for yourself:

Now whether or not Cousins is actually a dick, this is NOT a good look for Ronnie and there seems to be no way of him getting out of this hole that he dug for himself. An obviously everyone in the 2k community hates Ronnie so the internet has been calling for him to be fired and the memes have been relentless.

I don’t know if I even will care if he gets fired or not I would just like to see Demarcus Cousins pull up on Ronnie and have a ‘talk.’ We will just have to see if NBA2k gives us any statement on this incident or if there will be any punishment for Mr. Ronnie 2k.

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