Watch: Tyronn Lue Celebrates Birthday With Lakers Birthday Cake

Why isn’t the deal official yet?

Why hasn’t the deal been done yet?

You know how funny it would be if the Los Angeles Lakers decided to NOT hire Tyronn Lue after this. Lue was out partying and celebrating his 42nd birthday and his cake? A Lakers cake. 

LeBron James got “his” guy, AKA the dude who’ll do whatever LeBron wants.

I can’t wait for the Lakers to suffer long term. LeBron Ruined The Lakers. 

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

“I do know in the interview process, when he (Lue) sat down with Jeanie Buss, he certainly struck the right chords with her I’m told. Jeanie Buss, for better or worse, it means something to her to hire people for high-profile jobs who have a connection to the Lakers, who love the Lakers like her father did…

They’ve always tried to keep it in the family when they could. That’s why Magic (Johnson) was president, that’s why they’ve hired ex-Lakers all over the place. I know Ty really made a case for how much the Lakers mean to him, what it meant as a player to win a championship there, to play there and now the chance to come back as the head coach, and really struck that chord with her.”


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