Watch: Senator Rand Paul ‘Attacked’ As He Leaves Republican National Convention | Officer Shoves Man, Man Shoves Officer Into Paul? – @FordFischer

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As protests broke our after the Republican National Convention, Senator Rand Paul had a hard time walking to his hotel room. As police officers helped Paul and his wife make it safely, Paul claims that he was attacked.

As I was watching… It didn’t seem as if he was attacked. More the less, wasn’t an easy route. If he didn’t have officers there he would have been attacked, more than likely, yes. I don’t consider 50 people running up to you while you have police protecting you ‘getting attacked’… I mean… If that’s the case people get attacked a lot. Especially famous people.

Maybe he meant the time during all of this when an officer walks up and shoves someone then yells ‘move back’ after he shoves him, the man shoves the officer back, and the officer then stumbles into the back of Paul. If anyone was attacked it was the officer.

If Paul feared for his life during this, imagine how black people feel everyday living in a society where buildings are more important then officers killing people. It’s not fair.

Ford Fischer found himself in the middle of this all while he was out in the field covering what was happening:

Here is a breakdown:

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