Watch: Roger Goodell Releases Video Admitting That He and The NFL Was Wrong Not Listening To Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter Movement

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I could raise 1,000 about this video. How it looks more like a contract negotiation gone bad, the way Goodell looks like he is pleading with the internet, rather than a calm, cool and collected commissioner we thoroughly enjoy booing at. He clearly also hasn’t gotten any sleep either.

This basically was the “We were totally ignoring you up to this point, We are now going to make a feeble attempt at change” sort of look. I am basically at the point where I would like to see Roger Goodell call a press conference to openly apologize to Colin Kaepernick, because this video was pretty much all but that. I don’t know what action this will lead to, probably more of the same.

Here is the video below:

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