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Watch: Ring Camera Captures Yooper FedEx Delivery Driver Shoveling Homeowners Steps

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A FedEx driver from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan did his good deed of the week, but this looks like something he does regularly! There are some good people out there still.

The driver works in the Manistique area.

He was dropping off a package for Jodi LaFreniere around 11:42 a.m. on Thursday, January 23.

LaFreniere told local news that she was teaching when her Ring doorbell alert went off on her phone, and she wondered who was at her door.

When she checked she noticed that the FedEx guy not only dropped off her package but was also shoveling! She decided to post the video to Facebook, as a little thank you.

“There are good people out there who do selfless acts,” LaFreniere said.

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