WATCH: Rich Eisen Sums Up The Real Life Of Jets Fan Perfectly @richeisen

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Rich Eisen Jets fanatic sums up perfectly what it is like to be a Jet fan. It truly is a miserable life and this rant is spot on. I hate everything about this team from players, to coaches, to upper management. I have no hope right now and you cannot spin this positively. It is currently 10pm and Adam Gase that arrogant SOB is still the head coach of the New York Jets. Its incredible until you realize it is the Jets and nothing should surprise us at this point. I would actually question if I was happy being a Jet fan because that would feel just weird too me. Here is the nine minute rant from Rich Eisen on The Rich Eisen Show.

I will leave it here because it physical hurts talking about this franchise at this point. I don’t want Trevor Lawerence with the current structure of this franchise the Jets will only ruin him. The Jets need competence whether that starts with management I don’t know I would like to believe Joe Douglas is the right guy for the job it is only his first full season as the general manager so I won’t come after him just yet but I know one thing is for certain I hate the Johnson family. Chris and whatever the other brothers name is that is running this train wreck need to swallow their pride and either sell the team or get their head out of the sand and fire Adam Gase. Change is needed, and long over due. I don’t know what else needs to happen before someone realizes that and that is overly concerning. There is no way this football right now in its current state is capable of winning a football game and that is sadly fact they aren’t competitive, don’t have a fight in them and simply put are an awful football team and it is sad to watch.

I don’t know what the tipping point will be or when it will happen but I am afraid it will be all too late for Sam Darnold. The Jets will ruin and waste what is a very talented players career because this franchise is way too incompetent and that will be a very sad day for me because I still believe in Sam and what he is capable of doing but when you have a head coach in Adam Gase who doesn’t care this is the result you get.

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