WATCH: New York Yankees Pitcher Masahiro Tanaka Hit By Line Drive

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This is not good if 2019 and the injury bugs that plagued the Yankees weren’t enough welcome to 2020 where the Yankees aren’t using an L-screen to protect their pitchers. Super scary moment in ‘summer camp’ for the Yankees as Masahiro Tanaka takes a line drive off of his head. I hope he is ok.

The good news is Tanaka was able to get up and walk away under his own power but that did not look good at all. Hopefully scans or whatever come back shows everything is ok because boy is that scary, the video is very hard to watch.

If this is a sign for what is to come for the Yankees for this upcoming season just cancel it now because it is already off to a rocky start, and the season has not even began. Anyways I hope Tanaka is ok and everything checks out fine.

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