Natalie Monroe

Watch: Natalie Monroe Donates $10K To Bullied Twitch Streamer | @goIdandkisses

Natalie Monroe is one of the fastest growing creators on social media and her exclusive content is taking the game to the next level.

Seeing she has been bringing in money through her exclusive content she has decided to give back in an awesome way!

During a Twitch Live Stream Natalie surprised user: rsgloryandgold whose real name is Tony with a huge donation!

Tony has been bulled online for a couple of years and once Natalie found out about it she decided that she had to use her money for good. Natalie has been open about how she has been bullied in the past.

She donated him $10,000.

Once Tony received the donation, he just about broke down, his face had a smile from ear to ear.

His life was changed thanks to Natalie.

Click here to check out Natalie’s exclusive content! <– trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

You can watch it here:

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