WATCH: My Plea For Jamal Adams to Remain a Jet @Prez

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As we all now, New York Jet All-Pro Safety, Jamal Adams requested a trade today after an Instagram fiasco that happened earlier today. I am a die-hard Jets fan unfortunately and Jamal Adams happens to be my favorite player, this whole situation breaks my heart. The worst part is I see both sides, the Jet’s control Adams for the next three years, and Jamal wants to be paid for his stellar play an I get that, I totally do but I believe Jamal has to be sympathetic to the fact that there is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC going on and the Jet’s really don’t know what next season or even their cap space will look like if they sign Adams long term. Now this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t want to lock Adams up and I now Jet’s General Manager Joe Douglas wants to have him here long term, but it will happen when it happens. So, here is my reaction on this whole situation it’s sad to watch, it is more like a plea for Adams to stay:

Now I know I have literally no power to offer Jamal a deal, but I did so screw you if you think I don’t pretty simple, four years and $90 million, who says no? That is more than a fair deal I think, right? Well anyways I would love for Jamal to be a Jet forever, but I know this is a business and he has to do what’s best for him. This situation just sucks because this team sucks and it will suck worse if he is not on it but I love the Jets I don’t know why because they have never been nice to me and always make me sad, and here’s another great example, do the right thing please Joe D? Sign the man make me happy at least? I always wonder if a fan can ask for a trade because I have, and my request has never been fulfilled. As always, its J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! Can football please come quicker? 

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