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The world boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson is staging a comeback to the ring after a decade a half out of the boxing arena. At the age of 54, the former heavyweight champion is going to take on another former heavyweight champion Roy Jones who himself is 51 years old. The match will go to a stretch of eight rounds. The fight is going to be one of the most historic in boxing history. The venue for the encounter is the Dignity Health Park in Carson which is California. The date for that battle, for now, is September 12, 2020, but everything depends on the coronavirus pandemic which is currently ravaging America and other parts of the world. There is no doubt that the attention of the whole world would shift to the fight which is full of expectations.

Mike Tyson vs Roy jones

When it comes to boxing, Tyson made an impressive history. He remained the most feared in that industry. Because of his dexterity during his boxing days, this boxer was then regarded as the “baddest man on the planet”. Tyson dominated the world stage when he was just twenty years of age. He won the heavyweight belt when he was just twenty years old and till today he remained the youngest boxer ever to achieve that fit.

Tyson has been nursing a comeback and he was expected to take on his former rivalry Evander Holyfield another former heavyweight champion who was also staging a comeback. He decided to take on Jones who retired from the ring in 2018. Roy Jones has a long career spanning years in boxing history. He was also a heavyweight champion. Tyson considered him juicier than Evander Holyfield. Jones fought through different stages in the boxing arena starting from the lightweight from where he fought his way to the heavyweight.

When is Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Fight

The arrangement for the fight has reached an advanced stage and the date for that fight is already fixed. The fight is to take place on Saturday, September 12 2020 and that is going to be at the Dignity Health Sports Park which is located in Carson in the state of California. It is not yet clear how that fight will be viewed by fans. The fact is that it is to be aired through PPV arrangement which is pay per view. Because of the coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the country, it is not yet clear whether fans would be allowed to the park to watch that game.

The fight is going to take place in America and on Saturday the 12th of September. It is going to start at at the local time. If you want to watch the fight in places like the UK, then it is going to be around 2 am UK time. There could be other events on that card and the main event is to start around 4 am to 5 am UK time.

EventMike Tyson vs Roy Jones
DateSaturday, November 28, 2020
VenueDignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California
Start Time7:00 PM ET
TV Network$49.99 on PPV
Live Stream OnWatch

How to Watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Live Stream Online

It is not yet clear whether the fight would be shown on television in America. With time the television arrangement will become clearer. For now, many fans will depend on the internet for the live streaming of the fight. Many people are going to rely on social media apps to watch the fight. Thriller is one of the social media apps that could be streaming the fight live for fans not only in America but also in other parts of the world. It is also expected that other social media websites would show the fight live to their fans as it takes place.

Since it is to be based on pay per view, the best way to watch it is through internet streaming. Traditional social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and other social media websites could be streaming live events to fans. Social media streaming could be free. However, it may not be live.

It is not yet known whether the traditional online streaming stations on the internet such as the Fubo television, Sling television, as well as Hulu live television would be streaming the fight live. Usually, these online stations do have access to major cable networks such as ABC, ESPN. NBC, CBS, and so on. However, some of them can easily get hooked to some of the online streaming options.

If these traditional streaming stations on the internet will stream the fight, then it would afford a lot of Americans and fans outside of America to watch the two former heavyweight champions engage themselves in a do or die encounter.

If you have an ongoing subscription with some of the streaming options, then it would be an opportunity to watch that encounter life as it takes place. The beautiful thing about the traditional streaming channels is that they provide free online viewing for seven days. This can make it possible for fans to watch that epic encounter without spending their money.

It is known that Hulu live television does provide seven days of free streaming for fans. If you want to subscribe to the free streaming serve during the time of the fight, it would be a wonderful opportunity for you to watch that fight without paying for it. Other streaming stations such as Fubo television, Sling television as well as YouTube television provide the same opportunity for you.

Many boxing fans around the world would like to see Mike Tyson back to the stage. As a result, many of them would like to watch the fight. If they are not able to visit the Park where the fight is to take place, they can at least watch it through the internet. There are lots of opportunities available for them to watch it through the internet and they are going to utilize that opportunity.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr COVID 19 situation

Coronavirus has negatively affected most sporting events organized for the year. The pandemic is certainly going to affect the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones. At least it is going to affect the attendance. It is not yet clear whether the venue would be opened for fans to get it and watch the fight live as it takes place.

Even if the venue is to be opened to fans, the number of fans to be admitted to the venue is going to be limited. In whichever way one looks at it, attendance is certainly going to be limited for the fear of COVID 19.

Furthermore, it is possible that the venue or the date can be affected and that depends on the condition of the pandemic. If it is spreading organizers may consider either postponing the fight or they can consider changing the venue for the fight. Coronavirus is a bad thing that negatively affects boxing and sports and until the event takes place anything could happen.

Furthermore, it could increase the cost of organizing that fight. Officials are going to scrutinize and check everybody getting to the venue for that fight. If all the people coming to watch the fight are to be tested, then it could take time for all of them because people would like to watch the fight especially those residing in California where the fight is to take place. It will not be possible for international fans to fly in and watch the fight. This is because of the restrictions on an international flight. Many people are going to depend on the internet to watch that fight. It is not yet how that is going to affect the fight financially.

Furthermore, it is expected that the venue for that fight is to be fumigated to ensure that all traces of the virus are done away with. The safety of the fans and officials should be guaranteed. The health of the officials and fans is very critical and organizers must take care of those things. COVID 19 is going to affect the fight in one way or the other.

Final words

The encounter between the “baddest man on the planet Mike Tyson and Roy Jones are to take place on September 12th, 2020. Many people are seeing this encounter as the biggest fight of the year. Many fans would be happy to see Mike Tyson back to the ring. The fight is between two experienced and foremost fighters. Jones himself won most of his fights when he was above forty-five years. The ring is familiar with these experienced fighters. These two fighters have impressive records as they recorded several wins in the past. Both Mike and Jones are preparing seriously for the fight. Early in the year, Tyson returns to the gym to train and he showed a video of himself training for the encounter. The fight is to be watched across the world. It may not be aired on the television, but it will be streamed across the globe through the internet.

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