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Watch: Mike Florio of NBC Sports Agrees With Matt Patricia and The Way He’s Building Detroit Lions – The Same Thing Bill Belichick Went Through In Early New England Days

Mike Florio from NBC Sports came out today in his support of the Lions coach Matt Patricia, saying that he is doing exactly the same thing that Bill Belichick went through in New England.

“The culture change is still a work in progress. And I know when guys leave New England, they leave Bill Belichick, they’re believe they’re going to do things their own way. What they don’t realize is his way’s are baked into who they are as coaches. For Matt Patricia it was 14/15 years of watching Bill Belichick do what he does.”

“One of the things Darius Slay complains about is that Patricia put up film of Slay getting abused by a receiver in a practice session and Slay didn’t like that. Well, Bill Belichick did that all the time – to Tom Brady and everybody else. Prior regimes in Detroit apparently didn’t call out the star players that didn’t have bad plays in practice. That’s is an example, a tangible example of the clash, of a team that’s been crap for 60 years and a guy who comes in with 14 years of experience working for the gold standard/platinum standard organization in the NFL.”

“It’s taking time to make it mesh because the guys who were there under a much more lackadaisical regime are finding out they don’t like it with Matt Patricia there doing things that if he realizes it or not the Patriot way.” – Mike Florio

If you listen to the entire interview, Florio goes into detail about the Patriots showing film to players from years before to get them motivated and more:

There comes a point in time when a franchise like the Detroit Lions needs discipline and accountability. I understand there has been players that came out and spoke against Matt Patricia, but these Detroit media outlets need to also report on this!

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