WATCH: Matthew Stafford Mic’d Up, Shares Moment With Marvin Jones

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Matthew Stafford was mic’d up for the season finale against the Vikings. Stafford is always a must-see when mic’d up, actually winning the best mic’d up guy of all time a few years back. Sadly, the NFL won’t allow me to put the video in the blog, but go back and watch those moments, they are special.

This was another awesome mic’d up video but in a different way. This one had its moments, such as Stafford killing the refs for some awful calls. This one was more of an emotional mic’d up. No one knows what Stafford’s future holds, this could have been his last game as a Lion. It probably was Marvin Jones

last game in Detroit. You have the moment with Stafford and Bevell saying they love each other. Then you have Stafford and Jones moment, where Jones goes “man I love you, bro, that was fun” with Stafford responding “That was fun.” That wasn’t all, then Jones goes “Classic 9-1-1″ with Stafford responding “No shit. I loved it.”

Seems like Jones and Stafford were having one last moment together. I don’t know what the future holds for either of these two, but that’s what it seemed like. Either way, this is a must-watch mic’d up.

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