Watch: Man Named Austin Addison Slaps Burger King Employee

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Talk about a psycho.

The angry patron, whose name is apparently Austin Addison, decided it would be a good idea to slap the Burger King employee behind the counter.

Addison was angry about something and yelling about having someone locked up. When the Burger King employee notified him that he was on camera, Mr. Addison decided it would be a good idea to slap him in the face.

Who slaps anymore, anyway?


What is it about fast food places that makes people angry? Like, do you really expect quality service or food? You’re paying $1 for a hamburger. Do you really think you are getting a quality meal or that the establish can afford to hire people who care with margins that are that razor thin?

Whatever happened, I doubt that the young guy behind the counter deserved to be slapped.

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