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WATCH: Livid Saints Fans Throw Stuff to Referee Crew After Overtime Loss to Vikings

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Just like last year in the NFC Title Game, New Orleans Saints fans are angry that their team lost in controversial fashion in the playoffs due to (supposedly) a couple referee mishaps.

They are so livid that they were seen throwing trash and rally towels right at the referee crew.

Before that happened, the Saints were defeated by the Minnesota Vikings in overtime on a touchdown pass by Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins to tight end Kyle Rudolph. But the crew may have missed an offensive pass interference call, after a clear, one-arm push off by Rudolph.

Then the fans decided to let them know how they felt about that no call. One fan captured the whole incident on video and posted it for all fans to see on Twitter.

As mentioned in the Deja Vu article, this is the third straight year that the Saints have lost in painful fashion in the playoffs.

But I think this time, it was not the refs’ fault on why they lost today’s Wild Card game. It was simply the Vikings just played better and were more ready for them at the Superdome.

Stay classy, Saints fans though.

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