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We are nearing a huge milestone of 50 episodes, not many podcasts get to where we are going. Thank you for all of the support on behalf of all the guys. We got some Announcements coming about our 50th and many other things! Here is the description below:

Marco loads up on a FUN brownie pre-show, find out if he does something wild or passes out in this one. TA takes the reigns and hosts this episode while Tanner is wrapped up in the madness of planting season. We start off with a life update from the group. Marco shows off his gifts from Todd McComas’ patreon. Marco also delivers UFC 249, Mike Tyson and bare-knuckle fighting updates with a little opinion sprinkled in. Find out how bad we got UFC 249 wrong. Lastly, we go through the Chargers, Browns, Colts, Raiders, Tampa Bay, and Beth Roy Allen (TA’s Wife) dives into the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs.

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