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Watch: Lions LB Jamie Collins With the First Boneheaded Penalty/Ejection of the Season

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Um, what were you thinking there, man?

The first WTF moment of the 2020 NFL season went to Detroit Lions linebacker Jamie Collins with a weird unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and the season’s first ejection against the Chicago Bears.

In the clip down below, Collins was trying to argue a case with NFL referee Alex Kemp and he gotten a little too close.

Collins’ helmet brushes the body of the Kemp, trying to illustrate a helmet-to-helmet or lowering the head hit and he’s kicked out of the game just like that.

Some fans were trying to justify the hit that it was the ref’s fault, saying Kemp came up to him and brushed his shoulder against Collins’ helmet. Just like in this slow-motion video by twitter user Andy Isaac down below.

But in the NFL rulebook, every player cannot touch the referee at any point in the game. As much as Lions fans, like myself, want to say ‘Detroit Versus Everybody’ when it comes to refs, this was a stupid penalty to argue here.

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