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Watch: Lions GOT SCREWED at Lambeau Field With HORRIBLE Illegal Hands to the Face Call on Trey Flowers

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Here we go with the same old song and dance yet again. 

In the dying minutes in tonight’s Monday Might Football game in Lambeau Field, Detroit Lions defensive end Trey Flowers was issued a HORRIFIC illegal hands to face call against Green Bay Packers offensive tackle David Bahktiari. 

Yet, his hands were all on Bahktiari’s collar and pads.

That ‘penalty call’ turned out to lead to a game-winning score from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to wide receiver Allen Lazard. 

I don’t know if that’s not a penalty or what it is. 

The NFL has to have a big look at themselves with their officiating because us Lions fans are TIRED of all the blown and poor calls that always go to the Lions and favoring the better teams! 

I’m thinking there will be another ‘apology tweet’ coming from the league, admitting their mistake. I’m sorry, but screw off with that nonsense. 


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