WATCH: LeBron Throws Shade At His New Teammate Marc Gasol “Marc Has My DPOY Trophy From 2017”

Love LeBron I do, but he has to be the softest most delusional superstar of all time. In what world does it make sense to throw shade at your new teammate even if it is just ‘playful.’ He really must have a midget man complex because to still be salty three years after is just soft and there is just no other way around this.

You wonder why people do not like LeBron? It just seems odd to me that a player of his stature would care about something so menially in the grand scheme of things. For the LeBronsexuals that would say “The league hates LeBron that is why they didn’t give him the award” or something along those lines group up who cares of he didn’t win a DPOY.

This is just weird that he cares that much or if he really is that petty. No matter which way you slice this LeBron is whinning for no reason and it falls on deaf ears no one cares. I feel bad for Marc Gasol actually he must be feeling weird knowing he has to walk into a situation where he is going to get clowned on immediately for something that simply was not his fault.

It must be hell to play with LeBron it really probably is listen I think he is the GOAT I really do but I would love to see a documentary about LeBron’s career similar to the ‘Last Dance.’

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