Watch: Ja Rule More Like Ja Fool| Tries To Pump Up Milwaukee Crowd… No one cheers

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Imagine being one of Americas most hated guys after being involved with Fyre Festival and coming out and think you should still perform? You’d think Ja Rule would be trying to keep his appearance low, but that’s the opposite… It’s like they say, bad publicity is sometimes good publicity.

But then again Ja Rule claims that he still hasn’t seen either of the documentaries that he was bashed in for Fyre Festival, so maybe he doesn’t realize how big of an idiot he really is.

He’s claims that he is working on another event… And well after performing at halftime of the Milwaukee Bucks game and Giannis coming out and shooting around he might want to call it quits all around.

On top of that? Did you see this moment in that? Look how cringe worthy this is.. No one wants to hear your trash anymore. Give it up. Retire. Live your life, somewhere not on camera because we aren’t trying to hear you. Especially this soon after Fyre Fest documentaries.

I can’t believe the Bucks booked him, hopefully just to mock him? Who else loves Giannis being like fuck you, you dumpsterfyre? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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