Watch: High School Defensive Lineman Pancakes an Offensive Lineman | #viral #highschoolfootball

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Question of the day: block or charge?

A tweet by user Dee has gone viral recently as a high school defensive lineman (#23) lined up and belly flopped to pancake block an offensive lineman—while he was down on the field.

You can see in the video that #23 grabbed the tackle by the pads and yanked him to the turf, and performed the viral belly flop.

#23’s pancake did hit his knee on to the offensive tackle’s helmet, leading up to a 15-yard (alleged) unsportsmanlike conduct or unnecessary roughness penalty as the referee threw the flag in the background.

With that video reaching over 1 million views, the replies were glorious. Even another user added in Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s famous commentary into the clip as well.

The play may not been tolerable on the field, but it was great for the memes. At least the player made it look funny for everyone to see.

**Headline Photo Courtesy to @d_f_b_h/Twitter**

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