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Watch: Grayson Allen’s Up To His Dirty Tricks Again

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Yep, you probably guessed it. Grayson Allen is up to his dirty tricks yet again. 

Just when you think the dirty point guard is done with his usual tricks or ‘hard fouls’ like he did during his time at Duke University, you might want to reconsider. 

During a Summer League game against the Boston Celtics, the punk, now playing for the Memphis Grizzlies, showcased his dirty play as he was ejected from the game after recording two consecutive flagrant fouls and a technical foul.

All of the fouls came from as a result of him attacking Celtics rookie forward Grant Williams. 

The full video of Allen’s escapades from YouTube is posted in the link below.

Want to know what the worst part of this? 

This wasn’t the first time that Allen has been involved in an altercation in the NBA’s Summer League. 

Last year, he got into a tussle with Atlanta Hawks’ then-rookie guard Trae Young. 

He played for the Utah Jazz last season before being part of the Mike Conley trade, sending Allen to Memphis. 

I don’t know how someone in the NBA would be able to handle him, but I will estimate that he likely won’t be the league for too much longer if he keeps up his attitude and tricks. 

Just bet hopefully he gets more than a one-game suspension like he did by Coach K when he was at Duke. 

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