WATCH: Georgia Cops Detain Black Kids at Gunpoint for Shadow Boxing in Public

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Clayton County police is under fire for detaining five children at gunpoint before releasing them.

Witnesses say the five kids were shadow boxing near a convenience store which is what drew the attention of a police officer who held them all gunpoint for several minutes as witnesses pleaded for him to lower his gun Monday afternoon.

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The Clayton County cop indicated he had stopped the kids because they had cut-through a grassy area near the store to reach another block but witnesses said that was done by many people on a daily basis. Both the children and cops were black.

“This was today! Infront of my house Clayton County Georgia. The kids were shadow boxing near the conventient store and this is what happens!!! We begged and pleaded for the officer to put his gun away. These little boys were no older than 15. 15?! My little brother is here in Atlanta with us he is 5’3” ten ten years old! All U could see was him or my nephews walking to the store or wrestling in the street! Do they deserve to have a gun pullednout on them?!!!! No!!!!!!!! I am outraged!! I could barely breathe when I got home! This is not okay!! We have to do something @claytoncounty this was wrong!!!! Police brutality is real! Police Harassment is real!!! Racism is real!! There are other ways to handle these types of situation. A gun before a taser?!!!!!! Wtf!!! WE CANT BREATHEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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