Watch: Gay Dwight Howard Is Back As He Just Fingered Georges Niang In The Middle Of A Game

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Dwight Howard is back to being Dwight Howard. In the middle of the Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers game, Dwight Howard fell to the ground onto Georges Niang and …. decided to finger him.

YUP. You read that right!

I mean bruh… if you’re gay or bisexual that’s fine but leave that off the court, even the announcer noticed….

The entire NBA World noticed this happen and all thought the same thing….what the hell is Dwight doing?

There has been tons of speculation of him being gay and this might have confirmed it. Nothing against it. It’s just like dude… Don’t do that on the court, hit him up after…

Here are some other clips of Dwight Howard getting a little extra with other players on the court:

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