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Watch: Fox Talks Dave Portnoy, Calls Him Marketing Genius – @stoolpresidente

Dave Portnoy is indeed a marketing genius and has been since the minute he started Barstool Sports and if you disagree with me you’re a moron. From handing out newspapers to having Donald Trump Jr. tweeting about you, you must be pretty good at marketing.

And today Fox employees talked about the Barstool Sports owner considered his move yesterday to be, genius. 


If you disagree with his take on unions whatever, you don’t understand that no one at Barstool Sports wants a union. It’s all these snowflakes and “blue checkmarks” who want them.

Blogs don’t need unions. We’re not working in factories. Our performances are = to our pay. I’m PRO union… in the factory style workforce but not in the blog/internet World – especially when there isn’t any Barstool employees complaining, they obviously have good heath care if Riggs just unscrewed his eye. Also…. Unions also protect lazy people for no reason.

How can I tell no Barstool employee wants one? Watch these:

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