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Watch: Football Fans Have Their Two-Month-Old Girl ‘Mafia Baptized’ Through a Little Table

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A family of football fans have found a great way to have their newborn child welcome into football fandom. 

Blake and Isla (Center) Heckman – Credit: Estelle Hickman

Couple Estelle and Blake Hickman welcomed their first child, Isla Ann, to the world just a couple months ago.

And the husband (who’s a huge Buffalo Bills fan) had a grand and cute idea to show off and bring in their two-month-old daughter to the Bills Mafia tradition. 

Having the little girl go gently through a tiny makeshift table, just like a lot of the Bills Mafia do. 

Down below is the video posted by Estelle Hickman (who’s a Dallas Cowboys fan herself) and Barstool Sports on the ‘baptism’ for little miss Hickman by her daddy. 

It is not the first time that a newborn has been welcomed to the Mafia, the only they could. 

Just a couple years ago, a fellow Bills fan did the same exact thing just hours after their baby was born. 

What a cute and great moment for the family trying to welcome their child to the NFL fanhood. Kudos Mr. and Mrs. Hickman! 

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