Cleveland Browns

Watch: Fist Fight Breaks Out Between Fans In The Stands Of Thursday Nights Bengals vs Browns Game

Nothing like a good ol fist fight!

It’s been a minute since we’ve watched a fight breakout in the stands. There wasn’t one in week one from what I noticed, but of course leave it up to Cleveland fans to have the first fight in the stands during week two.

I shouldn’t say leave it up to Cleveland fans because I’m a Detroit Lions fan but listen, it’s COVID time and it seems like Cleveland is always having things like this happen.

What’s even more impressive is that there was only 6,000 fans in the stands.

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At least this fight wasn’t too crazy. There was obviously a fist thrown at the start of the video. I wonder what was missed on video because there is no way that all of those yellow shirted security guards all showed up that quick.

The person who was in the fight has to be a season ticket holder who’ll be more than likely kicked out for life. Especially seeing we’re in a pandemic. Bad move.

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