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WATCH: F*ck Drew Brees chants fill the streets of New Orleans during tonights protest

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There is a great quote in the Dark Knight that I think it is very relevant to the situation right now, “You either Die a Hero, or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become the Villain” I am sure Drew Brees is feeling that heavy right about now. Twitter and countless athletes have been coming at Drew Brees for his comments that he made earlier today saying he will “never agree with anyone disrespecting the flag” here is a full video of that conversation:

Now of course Drew was not talking about the current protests that are happening in all 50 states right now, or even the riots. He was talking about his feelings on kneeling during the National Anthem and people took it out of context but it was not the right thing to say during these trying times in our country, the comment was wrong and out of line. Now the city of New Orleans have turned their back on someone who has given them so much joy and has donated MILLIONS of dollars to their city.

I don’t know if Drew can do anything to come back from this but we will see.

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