Watch Corey Graves completely buries Dana Brooke on WWE Monday Night Raw (Video)

Corey Graves is really good at being the heel commentator on WWE Monday Night Raw. Maybe almost too good.

This past Monday on Raw during a match between Shayna Baszler and Dana Brooke, Graves decided to rip into Brooke for her lack of success in the company.

On one side, was he going too far? Perhaps. On the other side, he didn’t tell any lies since she hasn’t really accomplished anything since her arrival.

How did the internet react to this? A little both of both.

Some have a valid point. He used to praise Eva Marie, who was a terrible wrestler and not much better on the microphone, but destroyed Dana Brooke, who at least has physical capabilities.

Some also wonder if it’s him going after the other female wrestlers since he is dating Carmella, who was just drafted back to Raw on Monday Night.

It’ll be curious to see if Dana Brooke responds publicly to any of this.

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