WATCH: CBB Coach Calls Timeout To Make His Team Run Sprints Mid Game

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Arkansas- Pine Bluff’s head coach Solomon Bozeman was so disgusted by his teams performance, he called a time out to make his team run sprints. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

The Golden Lions are 1-8 and were down 20 to Iowa St just two minutes in to the second half and head coach Solomon Bozeman had seen enough. Touch the lines fellas! I guess you could say that the unique strategy actually motivated his team, as they actually out scored the Cyclones 40-39 after running the sprints, but they still ended up losing by 19.

If you are a recruit and planning on attending Arkansas-Pine Bluff, you better get your ass moving on fast breaks or you will be spending timeouts lining up on the baseline and running sprints. Definitely an old school vibe from head coach Solomon Bozeman.

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