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Watch: Barstool Sports employee Caleb Pressley Tackled By Security At College Hoops Game|Successful Show Storm Chasers

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Ah man, everyday someone’s trying to take down Barstool Sports. Barstool employees Caleb Pressley and Rone are shooting a new series called Storm Chasers. The video below explains what the show/vlog is about and it includes Day 1. But… Day 2 of the video series was a HUGE success for Barstool Sports.

Like I said, again, someone is trying to take down Barstool? Who this time? This security guard that absolutely body slams Caleb Pressley… What the hell is the need of this, hulk? Look at how still and smooth Caleb looked during the entire thing. Just being bobbled around, and then BOOM! Body slammed. Sit down say’s the security guard to the former college football player.

But this…. just like anything Barstool does now… it’s successful…. Right away. And getting body slammed, just add’s to it.

Everyone’s talking about them. 

But first, what is Storm Chasers?

Just the second game … it happened. 

Just the second day and we’ve got a storm.

But on top of all that… Caleb Pressley was tackled by security.

Now what? Will we see them at another game? I sure would hope so. What’s next on Storm Chasers? You’ve got the Internet’s attention.

Here is the full Day 2 Vlog:

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