Watch: Anthony Davis Explains Trade Request Says It Was Out Of Context

For the first time since requesting a trade from the Pelicans star Anthony Davis has finally talked to the media. Some of the things that he had to say seemed a little confusing to me. One being that he said he didn’t want his request to go public. C’mon you’re in the NBA everything gets out there. (Video at bottom of blog)

“I never gave an [ultimatum]. Me or my representation never gave the Pelicans a destination or anything, so I’m not sure where that’s coming from, maybe the connection with my representation but we never gave the Pelicans a destination.”

Legacy or Money For Anthony Davis

“I’ve heard that question before: legacy or money? I’m all about legacy. The money comes and goes. When I get done playing or leave this earth, what is my legacy going to be?”

This wasn’t suppose to go public…

Anthony Davis says someone called a reporter and that reporter called Rich about it. “We never wanted it go public.”

After Paul(agent) privately told Demps on Friday that his client wouldn’t sign a contract extension with the Pelicans and wanted a trade, Paul publicly declared it on Monday — with full knowledge that he’d have to pay a $50,000 fine on behalf of his client.

Is he going to play?

“My intention is to play. I’ve been working to get my finger back healthy. Obviously, it’s a tough situation, but my intention is to still play. When I’m able to play, I plan on suiting up.”

Anthony Davis on if the Pelicans want to hold him out: “They have every right to do that.”

Now what’s going to happen next? Will he be traded within the next couple of days? Let’s wait and see.

I’m biting my nails. Not literally, I’m a Pistons fan. We’re not going to make any moves… 👀

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