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Watch: A South Dakota Man Gets Dragged Out of School Board Meeting by Police For Not Wearing Mask

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An article tweet posted by YouTube commentator Paul Joseph Watson and Summit News shows a middle-aged man getting dragged out by police for not wearing a mask in Mitchell, South Dakota earlier this week.

The resident in the orange shirt in the video, identified as Reed Bender, refused to wear a mask during a discussion at the Mitchell School’s board meeting, after being told to do so by superintendent Joe Graves.

According to an article by the Argus Leader, the school has had a mask mandate since July 13. The ruling states that any person, including parents, staff, students, teachers, and administrators, they must have a mask on at all times in school buildings.

Mitchell police officers convinced Bender to put on a mask and he still refused.

“You’re gonna have to drag me out, guys,” Bender said to the officers.

Then Bender said before being taken away by the police, “This is what you are doing, you’re sowing discord within our communities at every level, it’s disgusting,”

In the video above, one of the officers attempted to use the Taser on him in front a crowd of onlooking crowd before escorting Bender out of the room.

“Never in my entire career as a superintendent have I had that happen before,” Superintendent Graves said. “The board said there is a masking mandate and everyone in the school building must wear a mask. We gave the gentleman fair warning of that and offered him a mask. He refused, so the board had to enforce the mandate.”

Bender has not been charged with the police as of yet, but the incident remains under investigation.

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