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Watch: A New Candidate For Worst First Pitch Ever Emerges

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If you heard of the famous phrase, “Juuuust a bit outside!,” it might be a great punchline to this year’s worst first pitch so far. 

Before tonight’s game between the Kansas City Royals and the Chicago White Sox, a woman was brought into throw the ceremonial first pitch. 

Being selected as White Sox Employee of the Month, the woman’s throw was suppose to go to pitcher Evan Marshall. 

Her pitch hurled straight left, with the ball heading directly towards the team’s photographer, Darren Georgia. 

Social media spread the news about the blunder. The woman’s daughter mentioned it was her mom that threw the pitch. 

After telling NBC Sports Chicago and fans that he and the camera are fine, Georgia also believed it was a funny sight to see. 

The employee joins the likes of 50 Cent, Carly Rae Jepson, and a few others that made the worst first pitches ever. 

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