Was Erie County District Attorney the Victim of Unemployment Scam?

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More coronapocalypse comedy gold as an unknown fraudster(s) tried to claim unemployment insurance benefits for Erie County District Attorney John Flynn. Flynn, who has been busy prosecuting ne’er do wells in Erie County (which covers the city of Buffalo and some outlying regions) almost got got. Here’s what local newspaper the Buffalo Snooze News is reporting:

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn got quite a surprise when he opened his mail earlier this week.

Someone filed an unemployment insurance claim with New York State using his name and personal information.

Flynn, whose penchant for press conferences full of flubs have earned him the nickname “Porky Pig” warned the public about the risk of being victimized by fraudsters.

“If someone tried to use my name, everybody’s at risk,” Flynn said in an interview.

Flynn said he got a letter from the state Department of Labor on Monday informing him of the steps he needed to take in order for the department to validate his unemployment claim.

But Flynn, who has been working throughout the pandemic, filed no such claim

Flynn may or may not be a good District Attorney, but his oratory skills are the drizzling shits.
Warner Brothers’ beloved cartoon pig.

Flynn’s press conferences have brought some much-needed laughter to my family and friends as we wait for Flynn’s by-word bumbles and bobbles. If there was a prosecutor for malapropisms, Flynn would be under grand jury indictment for assassinating the English language.

Despite Flynn’s flubs, it’s good that he caught the would-be fraudster saving the taxpayers some bucks and making the public aware of yet another coronapocalypse crime.

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