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Warrior Wrestling “Stadium Series” Night 2 Results 9/19/20

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Warrior Wrestling night 2 results from Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA 🇺🇸 at Marian Catholic High School on 9/19/20 live on FITE TV:

Rich Bocchini and Nick Hausman are the announcers.

Sam Adonis pinned Jake Something after a 450 Splash. Something was trying to go for a top rope piledriver but Adonis shoved him off and hit the finisher for the win.

Stadium Series 3 is next Saturday night at 8pm EST.

Beast Man won a 6-person scramble over Facade, Dani Mo, Jake Griffin, Icon Lee, and Dan The Dad by pinning Facade after a flying seated senton.

Lee Moriarty pinned Tre Lemar with a clutch. It was an even fast paced technical match. Hausman said the group is talking about creating some sort of secondary singles title and these two could be contenders for it.

Ace Austin and Mad Man Fulton beat Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku when Austin pinned Garrini after a Fulton choke slam immediately followed by The Fold.

Val Capone joined Hausman to call the women’s match. They acknowledged that Kimber Lee is the current SHIMMER Champion.

Kimber Lee pinned Jordynne Grace after the swanton bomb.

The two masked men who attacked Joey Janela last week showed up on stage. They revealed themselves as Frank The Clown and Robert “Ego” Anthony. Frank said Anthony would take on Janela in a street fight next week. They issued an open challenge. Jordan Kross stepped up but Frank then changed his mind and said they weren’t going to compete until next week. Kross decided to hit Anthony with a kendo stick but Frank made the save by shooting off his confetti gun into Kross’ face. They dragged Kross to the ring and power bombed him through a door set up between two chairs.

Jonathan Gresham went to a double pin draw with Alex Shelley. Gresham folded over Shelley with a bridge cover and all four shoulders were counted down.

Luchasaurus and Tay Conti beat Chris Bey and Ray Lyn when Conti pinned Lyn after a knee strike to the face. Lucha and Conti took Bey out of the ring with a double team move seconds before the finish. Val Capone was back on commentary. She said this was Conti’s first indy show after starting her career in the WWE development system back in 2016.

Trey Miguel won a #1 con. WW Title match 3-way over Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier after a meteroa out of the corner to pin them both.

Next Saturday will be the last WW show of the year. The ring announcer said they may not return until late Spring 2021. Madison Rayne will have her last indy match against Kylie Rae. Rayne is not retiring, she will still wrestle for Impact Wrestling, but her family life is full so she will no longer wrestle on the weekends.

WW Champion Brian Pillman Jr. pinned WarHorse after the jackhammer. Trey Miguel ran in and had a face off after the match. They will have the title match next week.

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