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Walmart Suitcase Shoplifter Charged in the Death of Her 2 Young Children

A woman who made national headlines for a shoplifting arrest, again finds herself behind bars but this time for a much more heinous crime.

On Sunday, The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office announced that 23-year-old Zantea Marie Jackson-Poole of Toledo, OH was charged with three counts of child abuse, two counts of reckless driving causing death, and other felony charges as a result of a Thursday night automobile crash that killed her 2-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son and left a 5-year-old-daughter severely injured.

According to police, the defendant was driving her car at a high rate of speed, fleeing from a car she had just sideswiped in the area of Agnes and Field Streets in Detroit. While fleeing, the defendant struck a second car with two passengers at the intersection of Agnes. Both cars then slid off the road from the force of the impact. The defendant’s car flipped over and landed on the passenger side.

Police stated that none of the three children were properly restrained in the car.

Prosecutor Worthy who is currently assigned to this case stated that more charges may be pending.

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