Wake Up With The Beastie Boys’ Shadrach

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Perhaps my favorite song from the greatest rap album of all time (yeah I said it). Like all of the songs on Paul’s Boutique, the Beasties’ second album, it’s choked full of samples, concocted together to form art. This one has plenty of influence from the Sugarhill Gang and various funk groups. Because of its name (it refers to the Biblical story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego), the song has religious undertones sprinkled in but still has the signature, raunchy charm of the Boys many became familiar with in License To Ill. The flow of this song is so fucking intoxicating, and the Boys jumping in and out to finish each other’s lines capitalizes on that even more. It’s a song you can ponder and vibe with by yourself and a song you can rage to. The perfect song for smoking and drinking on a Tuesday night. Happy Tuesday everyone, stay safe and fuck COVID-19.

When the single was released back in ‘89, the late Adam Yauch directed the music video that would accompany it. He got up and coming animation company Klasky Csupo to animate it. Each frame was hand drawn. Guess what would make them famous in just a few years? Animating the Rugrats.
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