Vitor Belfort Wants to Beat up Jake and Logan Paul

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Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort said in an interview with MMAFighting’s Damon Martin that he’d “beat the crap” out of the Paul brothers, and that they’re both afraid of him. For those unfamiliar with Vitor, he’s a complete OG in the fight game, debuting in 1996, and has challenged for UFC titles multiple times during his 20+ year career. At times, Belfort’s looked like the most intimidating man in all of combat sports… aaaaannnnndddd at other times he looks like he’s never done a physical activity in his life. So this begs the question: are the Paul brothers scared of Vitor?

Vitor’s ability to strike fear into the heart of the Paul brothers really comes down to one key queston: how many steroids can Vitor legally put inside his body? There’s two different versions of Vitor, and I’ll show you both.

Version 1: Steroids/TRT Vitor

Version 2: Getting drug tested so not allowed to take steroids Vitor

Here’s a side-by-side of both men.

So yeah, pretty big difference. Steroid guy will literally rip your heart out and eat it in the center of the cage in front of your wife and kids, and the other guy just looks like he whips up a mean hot dog on the grill. So, if the Paul brothers are stupid, they’ll let Vitor take all the TRT he wants, knowing he might literally kill them both at the same time. Buuuuttttt, if there’s drug testing protocols in place Vitor’s getting slept in the first minute of the fight.

However, the Paul brothers do wanna prove that they’re serious boxers, right? So why not let the guy do drugs? Just be legends about it, fellas. We all wanna see Vitor with his mullet, 12-pack, having biceps on top of his biceps, foaming at the mouth to rip some YouTuber’s head off, so give the people what they wanna see. And I’ll be honest, if either of the Paul brothers can beat TRT Vitor, they instantly join the class of Tyson, Ali, and Mayweather in terms of the all-time great boxers in my book.

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