Vince Carter is Joining ESPN as a Full-Time Analyst

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According to the New York Post recently retired Vince Carter is joining ESPN in a full time analyst position. This is an awesome move for both parties, Vince Carter is a larger than life figure so ESPN getting Vinsanity going is a huge win.

Future Hall of Famer Vince Carter will join and the ranks of ESPN bigger personalities like Paul Pierce, and Kendrick Perkins. I only imagine we grow to love Vince more now that we will be seeing him in a full time position. His insight and wisdom of the game of basketball had me believe that he would be going into a coaching position somewhere down the line and maybe just maybe this is his avenue to get there.

Twitter seems to be on page with this move and wants Vince to replace either Paul Pierce or Kendrick Perkins but I don’t believe that is in the works or anything, Carter is just an addition to the ESPN NBA crew. Again this is a great move going forward and I can’t wait to see where Vince goes in his second career in life.

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