Video: Yoopers Come Across a Pile of Snow in July

Yes, you read it. The title of this story is not a satire or a joke. 

At the Keweenaw Peninsula, residents Mark Mezdylo and his girlfriend, Sandra Turnquist, discovered a pile of snow in the middle of hot day in July. 

The discovery of a snow pile was captured by video in a Facebook post by Turnquist and has featured Mezdylo’s reaction to the pile that was covered with saw dust. 

Mezydlo couldn’t believe his sight when he seen the snow, for which he believes in the video could reach the record amount of snow here. And it could be.

In the original post by Fox 2 Detroit, an official from National Weather Service said that any snow that have lasted this time of the year would have been set in a dark, moist   area that the sun couldn’t reach. 

As of today, the video reached over 250,000 views on Facebook. As she posted the video, Turnquist couldn’t believe the amount of views that she had when she decided to make the post public. 

“A friend of mine asked if she could share it…so I made it public,” said Turnquist, who works as the director of student financial services at Finlandia University. “We went to bed and all of a sudden, it blew up. We thought ‘just what in the world?’”

She also commented on the video’s caption in quote, “I think I’m a little bit devastated.” 

I, and many others, would have to agree with you there, Sandra.

 You can find the original post here


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