Video: Referee Accidentally Kicks In Goal in Netherlands League Game, Lets It Stand

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In a league soccer game between the Hoek and Harkmase clubs in the Netherlands, one of the game’s referees called to let a goal stand during a tournament. 

The only difference however was who the goal was scored by — the referee. 

A video clip by Jeremy Vine on Twitter showed referee Maurice Paarhuis presumably sticking his leg out during a big scramble trying to find and clear the ball. 

The ball appeared to be inadvertently kicked into the net by Paarhuis, leaving the Harkmase Boys club baffled and frustrated on the call. 

The referee called to have the goal stand, but officials are considering to make changes in the goal’s aftermath.  

The bizarre goal brought the Hoek club to back in the game 3-2, but they went on to lose, 4-2. 

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