Calling Out Racism

Video Recorded In Cedartown, Georgia Of Racist Lady Goes Viral

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Like I’ve been doing, I’m going to continue calling out racists! If you are glad I’m doing this, give me a follow on Instagram to show me some support too! (Click here)

Today we have a video posted by Johnny Gonzalez on Facebook of a crazy lady going after him, dropping crazy racial slurs. The video is starting to go viral on Facebook.

This is what he posted with the video:

Good ole Cedartown where the folks are friendly…..

So I go into Little Caesars and while waiting behind this lady she mumbles something about “stopping at a fuckin stop sign next time” ? …. I walk out to crack head Karen tripping out on me.

She wants the fame so let her have it.. 😂 buddy knew to stay in the car and stfu.

I wonder what business this lady owns, maybe a….. crack shop? what a nut.

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If you’d like to see other people I’ve called out, click here!

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