Video Of Kyle Rittenhouse The Kenosha Shooter Punching Girl Starts Floating Around Internet


We are back on the Kyle Rittenhouse topic, a video is going around on social media of Kyle and another boy punching a girl multiple times. Along with other people jumping in!

Comments on Facebook read ‘High school drama’ but if you ask me.. it just proves what I thought about this ’17 year old mass shooter’ and that’s what he is.

This video is from July according to reports! What a loser. Punching girls, dropping out of school, killing two people, shooting another. Can’t believe that some people are saying that he is a HERO, he’s a ZERO!

I was also able to line up the shoes that he is wearing, we’ve seen them before.


Here is the video after he punched the girl, he started getting attacked!

Update: He Got Beat Up After Punching Her, CLICK HERE!!

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