Video Of Crazy Zombie Karen Trying To Enter A Bar Without A Mask, While Licking The Door and Trying To Break It Goes Viral

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When you’re told by workers that you can’t enter a bar, please just leave. Go get your mask and come back. Or just go home. Don’t be like Zombie Karen here who decided to try and keep entering the building.

She even started to try to break down the door (she’s lucky she didn’t go through it), she headbutts the glass, licks the glass (definitely got The Rona right there) and eventually knocks herself unconscious by banging her head.

The cops later arrived and arrested the crazy Karen.

The video was posted by Curtis D Junior and titled “No Mask No Entry #WalkingDeadEdition #BETitBack:

No Mask No Entry #WalkingDeadEdition #BETitBack

Posted by Curtis D Junior on Friday, July 3, 2020

What a damn psychopathy!

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