Video Goes Viral Of Officer Timothy Runnels Using His Taser FOUR TIMES longer than he was trained too! Causing Teen Into Cardiac Arrest

Former Independence, Mo., police officer Timothy Runnels was sentenced in 2016 to 4 years in prison for violating the constitutional rights of a minor who was in his custody.

The video which is going viral now, in 2020, is very graphic and disappointing. Dragging his body around, dropping his body, not making sure he’s safe and holding his taser on him for four times longer than he was supposed to.

The minor, Bryce Masters, was 17-years-old when he was taken to the hospital in critical condition after Runnels used his taser on Masters.

Runnels said Masters wouldn’t cooperate and that drug paraphernalia was found in Masters’ car. Runnels stated he ordered Masters to get out of his car several times, but he refused during his arrest in September 2014.

What’s your thoughts?

To me four years isn’t nearly enough! Four years for permanently damaging someones brain?

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