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Vice Cancels Dark Side of the Ring Episode on Chyna

Chyna is one of the most popular women of all-time in pro wrestling as the WWE Hall of Famer, who broke in as the muscle for Hunter Hearst Helmsley, broke many barriers for women. The former Intercontinental Champion left the company following her program with Lita in 2001 due to a contract dispute. She never made another WWE appearance. It was reported she wouldn’t sign for anything below seven figures, which Jim Ross (then-head of talent relations) confirmed after leaving the company years later.

Contrary to the rumors that Triple H cheated on Chyna with Stephanie McMahon, it’s noted from Chyna’s sister that the couple’s split in 2001 was mutual as Triple H wanted children and she did not. However, her personal life wasn’t without its demons. Chyna struggled with addiction, had a porn career after leaving, had a domestic assault charge for attacking ex-boyfriend and fellow DX member Sean Waltman, as well as a number of other things. She did have a lot of mental health struggles, but was also a big advocate for mental health awareness.

Chyna as a person, noted by everybody who worked with her, was a wonderful woman and entertained millions around the glove alongside talents such as former WWE Champions Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. The Dark Side of the Ring has been renewed for a third season on Vice, and it’s reported that they w anted an episode on Chyna.

This project has now been dropped. Her former manager Anthony Anzaldo noted that they approached him to do an episode and he turned it down. Evan Husney, the producer, mentioned that “there are no plans for an episode about Chyna for the upcoming Dark Side of the Ring. At the start of pre-production earlier this year, we became aware of multiple projects currently in production about Chyna. Thus, we ultimately decided against pursuing this as a future project.”

Regardless of whichever the reasoning may be, Chyna will not be featured on an upcoming Dark Side of the Ring.

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