Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights: Buy or Sell?

Let us just start with this, Vegas is off to a historic start. They are tied for the fastest team to nine wins in NHL history, tying with the 1917-1918 Montreal Canadiens. And for those of you who don’t know, that was the first NHL season EVER.

Along with beating top teams such as the St. Louis and Chicago, they are showing that they can compete with top tier teams in this league. But the thing that absolutely blows my mind, is the fact they keep winning with goalies that no one have ever heard of. First, they had Marc Andre Fleury. Clearly that was one of their big pick ups in the expansion draft, and a great first goaltender to start a franchise. Then next thing you know, he is out with a concussion. Fleury has had a history with concussions, so this is a bit scary.

Next up was rookie Malcolm Subban, P.K. Subban’s younger brother. He came in and won his first ever game, then he gets hurt. Then comes in Oscar Dansk, a 23 year old Swede rookie. He somehow wins his first game, but ends up getting hurt himself. Then comes along a guy named Maxime Lagace. This guy gets his first win, and at this point you could put in Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks and would win.

The fact of the matter is, they will cool off at some point. They will be a seven or eight seed at best this season. Don’t get me wrong Vegas fans, I want them to succeed and win. They play 82 games for a reason, and at some point are going to come down from this. In fact, they have lost five out of their last six games. They have some talented players with Perron, Neal, and Marchessault. But this team is not ready to make a serious run. They might be winning games early on, but in the long run it just do not see this success carrying over into the later parts of the season.

With a lot of younger players, experience is something that you need with it comes to crunch time. Along with that, the older players on the team are on that team for a reason. The previous team did not seem them worth keeping. Now some teams would love to keep some of the players Vegas got, but overall the team felt that those players were not worth protecting. But hey some of those guys are putting up good points, so good for them.

Sell the Golden Knights…for now

For now pass on buying Vegas, just not enough games for me to say they are making a push to win it all this year. Talk to me at the half way point. I hope they do keep up this success, and it keeps fans coming out to games. We would hate to see another Arizona Coyotes happen.

Give this team a few more years, and we could see what happened with the Islanders back when they came into the league in 1972. Six years later they won four consecutive Stanley Cups. Will Vegas win four Stanley Cups over the next 10 years? No, probably not, but the front office has done a tremendous job kick starting this franchise. They will make some serious noise in the coming 3-5 years if management keeps up what they are doing.

Hopefully one day Chance the Gila Monster and Vegas will be a Stanley Cup Champion.


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