Vasyl Lomachenko is Gonna Destroy Another Victim Tonight

It’s undeniable that October is the best sports month, so individual sports often get lost in the shuffle this time of the year. Completely understandable, but I IMPLORE you to throw the Lomachenko fight on one of your screens tonight.

If you’re unfamiliar with Loma, he’s is the undisputed alpha-male of the boxing world, and the pound-for-pound king of the sport. He’s got some of the smoothest footwork in the game, making himself virtually invisible, and he blends it with soul-crushing power.

He’s single handedly responsible for my favorite moment in all of boxing, when he backed himself into a corner vs Miguel Marriaga, daring Marriaga to hit him, avoiding every punch and retaliating with bombs, despite walking himself into a corner.

Do you understand how good you have to be at boxing to land punches on your opponent in the midst of taunting him? Marriaga must have felt like such a bitch there. Like, wow, this guy put himself into the corner and I still can’t touch him.

As for the opponent, it’s Teofimo Lopez who’s trying his luck against Lomachenko tonight. But really, you can just refer to him as victim number 16. He has NO CHANCE tonight, but he’s good for allowing Lomachenko to show his greatness against another mortal.

From a gambling standpoint, Loma is -550, so throw him in any parlay you can. Personally, I’ve got a Loma/UNC/Alabama parlay, and I have an irrational amount of confidence that its gonna hit.

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